Brassia Oil

Brassia Tanning Oil - 4oz. A tanning oil as unique as the orchid it is named for is. The Brassia orchid, which grows wild in Hawaiia, is the one of the only orchids with an aroma/smell. Never, will you achieve a tan like you will when using Brassia, nor will your skin be as conditioned as it will be when it is exposed to the ingredients in Brassia. Organic Jojoba oil gives your skin the anti-oxidant nourishment and youthful texture needed to fight the aging process; Wild Billberry oil also replenishes the skin with needed anti-oxidants; and Avocado oil along with several other exotic oil ingredients revitalize the tissue in order to keep many layers of skin hydrated that are essential to a long lasting tan. UV rays know no limits, so supplementing the skin with nourishment when it is exposed to extreme conditions is vital to a rich looking tan and the youthful life of your skin. No Parabens are used in our preservative system, only food grade Natural Sorbate and Natural Vitamin E from corn.

  • Biodegradable:
  • All Natural:
  • Chemical Free:
  • Reef Friendly:
  • Age Fighting:
  • Anti-Wrinkle:

Brassia Oil - 4oz

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